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El Cafe Negro Gourmet Organo(tm) — Ganoderma Coffee en Espanol

The most popular daily activity is drinking coffee. Drinking coffee can make many people feel healthy and energetic.

Ganoderma lucidum (also known as Lingzhi Bamboo in ancient Asian medical texts) is one of the most extensively studied weeds. It has amazing medicinal properties. Studies have proven it helps strengthen immune systems.


The Cafe Negro Gourmet OrganoTM instant coffee is made with traditional black coffee blended together with Ganoderma Lucidum (algae) powder. It’s a revitalizing, invigorating drink that contains natural anti-oxidants to support and maintain health.

Reishi’s (Ganodermalucidum), proven health benefits on both mental & physical wellbeing, have earned it the title of «Hangover of Beauty». Reishi has over 150 anticarcinogens, which aid in healing the body and improving nutrient-absorption capacity. Additionally, it balances the immune system to reduce depression & fatigue while protecting from environmental toxins.

This delicious, non-dairy creamer enriched with Reishi is the perfect addition for any cup of coffee or a tea. This tasty drink is packed with instant espresso coffee, powdered Reishi Extract and non-dairy Creamer.

Enjoy a daily dose of instant coffee with Ganoderma Spores! This blend is designed to provide the essential nutrients that your body needs for optimal health and vitality. It contains beneficial compounds such as Cordyceps and Reishi, which promote energy within cells. Reishi also provides holistic balance through its beta-glucans.


Ganoderma has been studied extensively for its organic spores. These spores have been linked to body metabolism and physical exercise. Our patented process breaks open’ the organic spores, providing antioxidant benefits.

Ganoderma’s seeds have a large amount of oil in them and are very different chemically than those produced by Reishi.

Ganoderma is one of the most researched mushrooms, having been shown to strengthen immune function when taken alongside other antioxidant supplements. The esporas are naturally colored triterpene espores that we combine with Arabica coffee beans using our proprietary process. This creates a unique and healthy taste.

Ganoderma lucidum is an extremely difficult fungus to cultivate. It’s difficult for scientists to distinguish species by using macroscopic (coloration, the presence or absence stipite in pileos and stipite size) or microroscopic (presence of certain enzymes or cell structures etc.) characteristics. Most studies conducted until recently focused on interfertility analysis using PCR-rDNA technology as fingerprinting technology.


Cafe Negro Gourmet Organo ™ is a medium dark organic roast coffee with delicious Ganoderma Lucidum mushrooms extract — designed for your health. A classic beverage for optimal performance.

Your perfect breakfast awaits with this product that combines instantaneous coffee, organic Ganoderma lucidum powder and sugar.

Red Reishi also known as hongo Reishi contains triterpenoids, which are the active ingredients in this plant. Ganoderma lucidum acts as an adaptogen — this means that it helps your body cope with stress and anxiety by acting on your immune system to combat stress levels effectively.

Our sachets are designed for easy travel convenience. Pour 180ml (2/3cup) of hot (or cold) water into the sachet, and mix.

GanoCafe is a combination of quality roasted beans, cane-sugar and non-dairy milk creamer that makes for a great breakfast. Made with Ganoderma lucidum to add an exquisite flavor and reap its health benefits; including antioxidants that protect cells against free radical damage caused by free radicals as well as soothing anti-inflammatory effects that help soothe stomachaches. It also has antihistamine qualities to help reduce allergies! Finally it can maintain a healthy blood pressure as well as reduce or prevent high blood sugar levels — making GanoCafe 3-in-1 the ideal way to start off any day!


Cafe Ganoderma is made from a mixture of instant coffee instants, Ganoderma Lucidum (reishi and lingzhi), which are used in Chinese tradition to enhance immunity. They are combined with Arabica beans sourced from Brazil and robusta from Indonesia for a gourmet beverage that’s rich in antioxidants.

Mindy Haar is a registered dietician at New York Institute of Technology and the president of Interdisciplinary Sciences for Health. Hogweed is a rich source of essential nutrients, including B-complex vitamin, potassium, selenium, and copper. In some cases, even calcium can be found!

Numerous species of hongos produce large quantities of triterpenoid-oxidized lanostano in an intricate mixture, such as Reishi. Reishi was used for many years as a natural remedy against health problems such Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Herpes Labial Herpes. However there is not enough science to prove the effectiveness of Reishi.

Spreading culture about hummingbirds is an easy way to reach out to the entire society. Ganoderma ganoderma tea can be prepared easily and is delicious!